The 13th International Conference on Middle English will be hosted by the English Department at the University of Málaga on 8-10 May 2024.

The following plenary speakers have confirmed their participation in the conference: David Moreno-Olalla (Universidad de Málaga), Olga Timofeeva (University of Zurich), and Mark Faulkner (Trinity College Dublin).

Proposals are welcome on any topic related to any aspect of linguistic and literary research on Middle English, including, though not limited to, Middle English language, historical morpho-syntax, linguistic variation, language change, textual studies, manuscript studies, Middle English literature and literary criticism.

Three presentation formats have been outlined:

1. Posters. This format may be suitable for reporting on advances of ongoing research projects.
2. Full papers. 20-minute talk + 10-minute discussion.
3. Thematic workshops. These are intended to agglutinate some papers on a selected topic, proposed by the workshop organizer. The length and characteristics of these workshops will depend on the proposals received.

For being considered in modalities 1 and 2, please send a 300-word abstract (excluding references), in Word format, indicating the main research question(s), the methodology and (expected) results. This abstract must also include the title of the proposal, the name of the author(s), their affiliation(s), the modality of the presentation and a maximum of 5 keywords.
For being considered in modality 3, please send a 300-word abstract (excluding references), in Word format, stating the purpose of the workshop and the topics that will be approached. The titles of the presentations in the workshop must be provided, but not the name of the presenters.

Please send your abstracts to by 20 November 2023.

Important dates
Proposal submission: 1 September – 20 November 20 December 2023
Notification of acceptance: 8 January 2024
Registration (early bird): 25 January 2024 – 20 March 2024
Registration (regular): 21 March 2024 – 8 May 2024
Conference dates: 8 May – 10 May 2024

For further information pelase contact the organizing committee at